There’s No Place Like Summer Camp Hardback


Welcome to the book project that I have been working tirelessly on the past few months! I can announce that the book is called ‘There’s No Place Like Summer Camp‘! In it’s amazingly detailed coloured pages, this book includes a daily diary of what it is like to work in an American Summer Camp; including images, videos, ratings and much more to take it beyond a ‘normal reading experience’.

There’s No Place Like Summer Camp is the diary of what it was like to work in an American Summer Camp for 3 months in 2014. The ups, downs, gossip, kids, adults and more… This book really does encompass it all in a true, first hand experience of what it is really like out there.

Remember, this is a pre-order until the release on 19th September 2018. It’ll be available on Amazon for pre-order in June/July sort of time too. In the meantime, you can keep your eyes peeled for updates in my blog.


Please note: The book won’t look as bad as it does in the product image.

Coming soon...
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