There’s No Place Like Summer Camp – Ebook Edition


There’s No Place Like Summer Camp is a diary of what it was like to work in an American Summer Camp for 3 months in 2014. The ups, downs, gossip, kids, adults and more… This ebook really does encompass it all in a first hand experience of what it is really like out there.
It includes a daily summary of what it is like to work in an American Summer Camp; including images, videos, ratings and much more to take it beyond a ‘normal reading experience’. This ebook is a great read for anyone who is thinking about volunteering in summer camp and is wondering why it has such good word of mouth. It’s also perfect for those who reminisce about ‘that one time at summer camp’ day to day. This ebook will go some way to bring back that spark from behind the camp bubble! It is well endowed (surely not the right phrase to use there! haha) with a vast amount of interactive media which suits the eBook market well too.

To be released on Amazon Kindle store –┬áSuitable for iOS, Android, Kindle, Windows devices + more!

Coming soon...
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Coming 19th September 2018. Also available to pre-order on Amazon, June 2018.


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